Selection criteria

Participant Training Program” participants are selected through open competition. The priority topics are defined on an annual basis, as well as regions of Ukraine, in which open competitions for a particular program are held.

Participation in the programs is open to candidates who:

  • are citizens of Ukraine;
  • permanently reside in Ukraine during the period of training and selection of applications;
  • exhibit leadership potential and professionalism in the program field;
  • have the right to obtain J-1 visa (visa exchange programs) if the program is in the US or Schengen visa – for programs in Europe;
  • undertake to return to Ukraine after the study tour;
  • agree to live in the host family (for programs in the United States);
  • during the trip are not accompanied by other family members.

The following citizens cannot participate in the program:

  • US citizens or persons residing permanently in the United States; not citizens of Ukraine or those not permanently residing in Ukraine;
  • husband / wife is a US citizen or person who is a resident in the United States;
  • citizens of Ukraine who live or work outside Ukraine during the announcement and implementation of a training program;
  • persons who have applied for an immigrant visa to any country or person who requested political asylum in any country. This item includes those who filled out an application to participate in the migration lottery “Green Card” or those who have already won it.
  • employees of International Charitable Organization “Consortium for Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education” (CEUME) implementing international technical assistance project in Ukraine and wives / husbands, children or other close relatives of CEUME employees (brother, sister, mother, father, grandson or granddaughter).

Participation in the program is restricted for:

  • employees of organizations – contractors of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID);
  • alumni of the program “Community Connections” and project “Participant Training Program”; these candidates are the subject to additional agreement with the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

The first step to participate in the competition for the respective program is filling in a questionnaire and submitting it to the project office before the deadline. Before completing the questionnaire, it is strongly recommended to read the instructions carefully.