Question – Answer

  1. Is it necessary to know English or another foreign language to take part in “Participant Training Program”?

    Knowledge of English or any other foreign languages is not required. Interpretation services are provided. For better adaptation of the participants during a trip to the US or Europe it is desirable to master the basics of language used in the country of training to be able to interact in everyday situations.

  2. Is there any age limitation for the participants?

    No, there are no age restrictions. However, when assessing the applications program experts take into consideration the previous experience in the program area and potential for the development and implementation of international experience gained after returning from the study tour.

  3. Do I need a foreign passport to participate in the competition?

    To participate in the competition a foreign passport is not required. However, if you are chosen to participate in the program, you will need to obtain a passport to be able to get a visa and travel to the United States or a country in Europe.

  4. What type of visa do I get if I take part in “Participant Training Program”?

    If it is the USA program, you get a J-1 visa. Under the terms of the visa, two years after the study tour you are not entitled to participate in any other programs funded by the Government of the United States and immigrate to the United States. However, you can get a tourist or business visa to the US.

    If it is a European country, you get a short-term Schengen visa for a single entry.

  5. If before I was refused the US visa, can I apply for “Participant Training Program”?

    You can take participate in the competition under “Participant Training Program” and we will consider your application. However, we cannot guarantee that you will get a visa to participate in the program.

  6. Do I have to pay for participation in the “Participant Training Program”?

    International technical assistance project “Participant Training Program” funded by the US government covers the cost of airfare to and from Kyiv and accommodation in the United States or the countries of Europe. A participant obtains his/her foreign passport at own expense, passes medical examination and covers all costs associated with travel on the territory of Ukraine.

  7. How many people participate in the project “Participant Training Program” every year?

    The number of candidates varies depending on a program specific region. However, all participants have an equal chance. Each program group consists of 10 members. Every year 8-10 program groups are formed.

  8. Can I participate in the competition, if colleagues from my organization have already participated in it?

    You can submit an application for participation in the program and have an equal chance with the rest of the applicants.

  9. Can I participate in the competition, if I have already participated in the programs funded by the US State Department and the US Agency for International Development (USAID)?

    You can participate in the competition, but if you are shortlisted as a semifinalist, your trip to the USA will be possible provided there is an additional approval from the USAID mission in Ukraine.

  10. What steps should I take and what documents provide to take part in “Participant Training Program”?

    Applicants should fill in a questionnaire online by registering at www.ptp.ceume.org.ua, and submit the required package of application documents to CEUME office.

  11. Should I provide any references to participate in the project “Participant Training Program”?

    To participate in the project “Participant Training Program” an applicant provides two references from people who are familiar with his/her professional and personal qualities. One letter must be from a boss/supervisor. Recommendations from relatives and subordinates are not accepted.

  12. How do I know that I am a successful finalist of the “Participant Training Program”?

    If you are shortlisted as a semifinalist, “Participant Training Program” team will inform you about your status by phone or official letter. Information about an applicant status goes directly to him/her.