About USAID project
International technical assistance project “Participant Training Program” focuses on transfer of new knowledge and skills in order to improve the political, social, and economic context in Ukraine and creation of a network of professionals that shares best international practices and knowledge throughout Ukraine. Program participants selected through an open competition learn from the experience of American and European organizations, take part in seminars, professional training programs, discussions and cultural events.

The project is funded by the US Government through the US Agency for International Development (USAID). It is implemented in accordance with the Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the United States on humanitarian and technical economic cooperation (07.05.1992).

The project implementers – an American non-governmental organization World Learning, Inc. in the USA and ICF “Consortium for Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education” in Ukraine”. The beneficiary of the project is the Ukrainian National Agency of Civil Service.The project period – April 2013 – April 2018.
The program provides an opportunity to establish international partnerships between institutions, to build bridges between the communities in different countries and to develop professional contacts.
Why this project is interesting and attractive?

Training programs within the project “Participant Training Program” last from one to three weeks. During the programs the participants are introduced to the daily work of foreign experts, exchange professional experience. The program provides an opportunity to establish international partnerships between institutions, to build bridges between the communities in different countries and to develop professional contacts. An important component of the program is a cultural component that exposes the participants to social and cultural life of a country of training.

Training programs within “Participant Training Programs» are not narrowly thematically focused. The priority topics are defined on an annual basis, as well as regions of Ukraine, in which open competitions for a particular program are held.

Each group is composed of 10 specialists in a particular field, for example, law, journalism, health protection, environmental protection, educational institutions administration and others. Host organizations in the United States or in Europe develop a training program based on the experience of the Ukrainian participants, their needs and interests.

During the programs the Ukrainian specialists participate in seminars, lectures, round tables, meet with the colleagues and visit American and European organizations and institutions.

Interpretation services are provided. Therefore, knowledge of English is not required.

During a study tour, the participants of the American program stay with the American families; the participants of the European programs stay in double rooms.

​Organizations — project implementers
​World Learning, Inc.

World Learning is a nonprofit organization advancing leadership in more than 60 countries. Our mission is to empower people and strengthen institutions through education, sustainable development, and exchange programs.

Founded in 1932 as The Experiment in International Living (which remains an active high school exchange program within World Learning), the organization today provides professional training programs, youth leadership programs, graduate degrees in a variety of international areas, and semester international programs for undergraduate students.

World Learning works in developing and transitional countries worldwide, with educators, vulnerable and marginalized groups, community leaders, decision makers and others, to build local capacity for change.

World Learning began implementing professional training activities in Ukraine in 2006, under the USAID Community Connections project. The current USAID Participant Training Program is a continuation of those efforts.

For more details: www.worldlearning.org

Consortium for Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education (CEUME)

Consortium for Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education (CEUME) is a charity organization registered in Ukraine that provides information methodological support to higher education institutions and their lecturers to improve the quality of teaching of management course subjects. Working with the leading American and Polish universities in the field of adaptation and sharing of Western knowledge and experience among the Ukrainian higher educational establishments, CEUME gained rich experience in cooperation with the Ukrainian and foreign organizations and technical assistance projects. CEUME was involved in conducting a number of training workshops, “summer” universities and study tours for the university lecturers and administrators, publication of literature, organization of 8 national cases competitions, conferences and research undrer the project “Business Management Education in Ukraine”, implemented by the University of Minnesota (USA) 2002-2005.

In partnership with the International Finance Corporation CEUME held a nationwide competition of case studies, published the textbook of the Ukrainian cases on corporate management and organized a national conference for the teachers. In partnership with the Center for nations with transitional economies at the University of Minnesota, CEUME participated in creation of professional associations of economists and political scientists in Ukraine. CEUME publishing activities (development and publication of manuals and textbooks of a new generation for teachers’ methodological support) got an award from the organizers of international exhibitions “Modern Education in Ukraine” – Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.

Consortium for Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education is involved in the development of textbooks on management courses for higher educational institutions; CEUME takes the best world samples as a basis and complements it by the Ukrainian context; it also promotes use of new textbooks in the Ukrainian universities. Thus, the Ukrainian students receive access to original editions of textbooks and study the same information and skills, which are available to the American or Canadian students.

CEUME holds various scientific conferences, seminars and competitions. It also provides administrative support to various educational programs of business companies and international technical assistance programs in Ukraine. In particular, CEUME administered Intel Corporation educational program Intel © «Teach to the Future” – (2008-2009). CEUME is also a partner of an American nonprofit organization PH International in administration of Microsoft educational program «Information Dissemination” (since 2009), IDEA. CEUME carries out educational projects in partnership with the Ukrainian Association of direct sales, JSC “Philip Morris Ukraine”. In 2010-2013 CEUME provided administrative support to 10 projects implemented by the Canadian Bureau for International Education in Ukraine and funded by the Canadian International Development Agency.

Since 2013 CEUME is a sub-contractor to an American nonprofit organization World Learning, Inc. in implementing project “Participant Training Program” funded by the US Agency for International Development.

Project Registration Documents

Project Registration Card

Implementation Agreement between the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and World Lеarning, Inc and ICF “Consortium for Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education”

Memorandum on Cooperation and Understanding between the Ukrainian National Agency of Civil Service and International Charity Organization “Consortium for Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education”